Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday, Nov. 20, 2015

Lady Dutchmen Swimming and Diving
The Lady Dutchmen brought home two school records from the state swimming and diving meet.

Rachael Kulzer, swimming in her last high school meet, set the school record in the 200 Freestyle.  She was joined by Mikayla Von Wahlde, Taylor Poepping and Savana Bitz as they took ninth and set a school record in the 400 Freestyle Relay. Video of the 400FSR team can be seen at also finished ninth in the 100 Freestyle. Stefanie Rasmussen, who swam with Poepping, Kulzer and Bitz in the 11th place 200 Freestyle relay, finished 11th in the 500FS. More information appears in the Nov. 25 issue of the Melrose Beacon.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015

Lady Dutchmen Swimming and Diving
All but one of the state qualifying Lady Dutchmen swimmers will compete the finals on Friday.
All will be competing in the consolation round.
Melrose finishes were
200FS-Rachael Kulzer, 9th
100FS-Kulzer, 11th
500FS-Stefanie Rasmussen, 14th
200FSR-Melrose (Kulzer, Taylor Poepping, Rasmussen, Savana Bitz), 16th
100BK-Mikayla Von Wahlde, 11th; Diana Nathe, 19th

400FSR-Melrose, (Poepping, Von Wahlde, Bitz, Kulzer) 10th

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015

Lady Dutchmen Swimming and Diving
Diver Mady Brinkman was ranked 20th after the preliminary and semi-final rounds of the state diving competition this afternoon. The final of diving will be on Friday
The swimming preliminaries are tomorrow. The following Lady Dutchmen will compete in the preliminaries. To qualify for the consolation (9-16) or championship (1-8) heats on Friday swimmers must finish in the top 16 of that event in the preliminary race

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, Nov. 23, 2015

Lady Dutchmen Swimming and Diving

The Lady Dutchmen's state competition begins Wednesday as Mady Brinkman competes in diving preliminaries.
On Thursday the swimming preliminaries will be held. Melrose swimmer are seeded as follows.
200FS: Rachael Kulzer18th
100FS: Rachael Kulzer-15th
500FS: Stef Rasmussen-10th
200FSR: Melrose-15th
100BK: Diana Nathe-8, Mikayla Von Wahlde-10th
400FSR: Melrose-11th.
The state meet preliminaries cuts the final contests list to 16. Those 16 compete on Friday. Places 1-8 compete for the state championship, places 9-16 compete for consolation honors.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015

Lady Dutchmen Swimming
The Melrose Lady Dutchmen finished second in the Section 6A meet today at Sartell.  Melrose will have the following individuals advancing to the state meet.
Rachael Kulzer 200FS 100FS
Stefanie Rasmussen 500FS
Mikayla Von Wahlde and Diana Nathe 100BK
Mady Brinkman, diving
The 200FSR team of Rachael Kulzer, Taylor Poepping, Stefanie Rasmussen, and Savana Bitz      
The 400FSR team of Taylor Poepping, Mikayla Von Wahlde, Savana Bitz, and Rachael Kulzer
More information will appear in the Nov. 18 issue of the Beacon.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday, Nov. 13, 2015

Lady Dutchmen Swimming
Melrose qualified swimmers in the following events for the 2015 Section Finals Saturday at Sartell.
The top two swimmers of those in the top eight places, as well as any swimmer that meets the State Qualifying Time (SQT) advance to state.
200MR Team: Diana Nathe, McKenna Von Wahlde, Britt Seanger, Mikayla Von Wahlde 1:57.76. SQT: 1:53.87
200FSR: Stefanie Rasmussen 2:01.98, Taylor Poepping 2:03.32, Rachael Kulzer 2:03.54, Allie Austing 2:11.02. SQT: 2:00.27
200IM: Nathe 2:22.42, Mikayla Von Wahlde 2:24.79, Gracie Drossel 2:27.64, McKenna Von Wahlde 2:29.22. SQT: 2:17.79
50FS: Savana Bitz 25.47. Britt Seanger 26.68. SQT: 25.03
100FS: Kulzer 55.19, Bitz 55.3, Poepping 55.86. SQT: 55.01
500FS: Rasmussen 5:26.98, McKenna Von Wahlde 5:43.18, Austing 5:50.75. SQT: 5:28.03
200FSR: Kulzer, Poepping, Rasmussen, Bitz 1:42.3. SQT1:41.71
100BK: Mikayla Von Wahlde 1:00.99, Nathe 1:01.55, Helmin 1:04.83, Revering 1:08.58 SQT: 1:01.91.
100BT: Drossel 1:12.88 SQT: 1:10.22
400FSR: Poepping, McKenna Von Wahlde, Rasmussen, Mikayla Von Wahlde 3:49.24. SQT: 3:45.60.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday, Oct. 31. 2015

Lady Dutchmen Volleyball

The Albany Huskies topped Melrose in Section 6A Volleyball 3-2.
Game scores were
Melrose 25 28 19 22 7, Albany 23 26 25 25 15
Melrose finishes at 29-11 on the year.
A video clip from the match can be seen at

Lady Dutchmen Swimmers
Melrose won its 10th consecutive WCC Meet this afternoon at Montevideo.
Details will appear in the Nov. 4 issue of the Beacon